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As a parent of children with varying abilities and a former teacher, Libby understands the need for a quality education for all children.  Our schools need to get back to the basics and make sure all children are getting an appropriate education.  
In the past two years, Fountain Hills Unified School District has lost over 80 staff members.  Libby promises to spend time talking with staff, and working on recruitment and retention and providing appropriate support to our excellent staff.
Many of our community children and their families have decided to look elsewhere for their educational needs.  While Libby supports school choice, she also has a strong commitment to our local schools and will work towards creating a scholarly and welcoming atmosphere to have our community members choose our school as their first choice.
Fountain Hills Unified School District has been known to have a climate of parent trust.  With all the changes in the past few years, some of our families have lost this feeling of transparency.  We need to get back to the basics and rebuild the transparency and trust that has been a constant within our district.


Advocate, Teacher, and Accountant  Libby is an advocate for parents’ rights, curriculum transparency, and children’s educational needs. Being a foster and adoptive parent as well as having special needs children, she is no stranger to the difficulties of accessing personalized educational opportunities.  A former public school teacher, Libby will help bridge the gap between the school board and staff. Libby is passionate about creating great community schools as well as opportunities for staff and students to be successful.  Libby is a trained professional and a champion of taxpayers. Over 10 years of accounting experience means she has the background needed to understand the financial statements, line items and help manage a multi-million dollar budget.



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