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Libby was born and raised in Central Illinois and graduated with an Elementary Education degree from Illinois State University in 1998.  She began her teaching career shortly after graduating college and meeting her husband, Shaun.  They moved to Fountain Hills in 2004 and have been raising their family there ever since.  Both Libby and Shaun have always had a heart for children and decided to open their home to children in foster care in 2010.  They are currently parents to 13 children between the ages of 1 and 15. 

Upon moving to Arizona, Libby pursued a career in accounting and has been working in the accounting field for the past 17 years in varying capacities.  After deciding to dedicate their time and energy to being foster parents, she decided to reduce her work schedule to allow for more time in caring for her special needs children.  

Growing up in a small town like Fountain Hills, Libby has always loved the community support and positive, caring relationships found in the Fountain Hills Unified School District.  She is passionate that Fountain Hills needs to continue to have the wonderful community staff and school that we have been accustomed to over the years.  As a special needs parent, Libby strongly believes that every child deserves a quality education.  Libby wants the best for our children, our community, and our future and as a member of the school board will work tirelessly to support that goal.

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