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Cmmunit Schoos

Reengagement in our Community Schools

One of our goals as a board, district, and community should be to create an atmosphere where families want their children to attend our schools.  Fountain Hills is a wonderful small community; yet, more than half of the children are educated outside of our local school district.  While Libby supports the parent’s right to choose, she realizes how valuable it is to have an inviting, supportive, and scholarly atmosphere that draws our children back to our community.  We need to get back to the basics and offer the education that our families are obtaining elsewhere and give the parents back their voice.  After all, it’s Our Children, Our Community, and Our Future.

All Children Deserve an Education – Students & Parents First

Fountain Hills Unified School District was once the shining example of how districts should meet the needs of children with IEPs and who are differently abled.  However, over the past two years, our children’s educational needs have not been met.  Per the Fountain Hills Unified School District’s budget, the proposed ratios for special education from 2020 to 2022 went from a teacher to pupil ratio of 1 to 10 to 1 to 17.  Our educators are covering multiple classes for many days creating an even greater disparity in teacher to student ratios.  We need to make sure we are meeting the educational needs of ALL students in our district no matter their ability. 


Teacher Retention

We have a wonderful district and our teachers are outstanding; yet, the current staff turnover rate is high and needs to be examined.  The turnover at our schools has been more than most districts and as board members, we must ensure our staff are provided a safe and supportive environment for them to utilize their skills and feel supported and valued.  It is imperative that we listen to our parents and teachers so we can find ways to retain our amazing staff. 

Teacher Retetion
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