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Brave Conversations

Benjamin Rodgers.......Benjamin Rodgers......Benjamin Rodgers....Modern Day Hero......Teacher.....Benjamin Rodgers.....Benjamin Rodgers......Benjamin Rodgers

A few things stick out from this article for me. Obviously his name. This brave man, stood up and spoke out against the divisiveness that is being taught in our schools. He simply asked the question, "Do we really want to teach our students to judge someone by race, gender, religion and sexual orientation? Or do we encourage characteristics of integrity, moral character and work ethic?" As a mom of children from different races and background I can share that Critical Race Theory is damaging to our family and the premise of it needs to stop being pushed on our children.

Benjamin Rodgers took a stand and refused to continuing to participate. He deserves to be recognized and applauded. We need more Benjamin Rodgers in our schools having those brave conversations. Today, it was revealed that the Arizona Department of Education provides a resource link for LGBT students that takes them to an online chat room with LGBT ADULTS where they can talk about sex and gender with a quick escape feature to hide it from their parents. Arizona, we must do better.

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